Feb 25 & 26 | Aspen Santa Fe Ballet


We are honored to have a long partnership with Newman Center for the Performing Arts who for many years has arranged for dance companies performing works in their season to provide guest artists to work with DSA Dancers. In The Studio this month will be Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, returning for their 7th appearance, will be performing Silent Ghost and other works at Newman Center February 25 & 26. Each performance is different because the company’s vision is for their virtuoso dancers to perform new works by a wide variety of choreographers. A European choreographic sensibility, matched by American athleticism, joy, and grace, forges ASFB’s pioneering creative aesthetic in the field of contemporary dance. DSA Dancers and their families are offered $15 tickets (with free parking) to the performances by visiting newmantix.com/promo and entering the code DSA15TIX.


This collaboration will continue throughout the year when DSA Dance will welcome Black Grace (April) In The Studio and this company performs in the Newman Center Presents season (with $15 tickets and free parking available now: DSA15TIX).