First Days of School

On Monday of our first week of school 6th Graders will not need to dress out for class. Tuesday and Wednesday of the first week of school, dance clothes are required, but not DSA Dance dress code. We will be spending time getting to know you and…you getting to know the Dance Department. Thursday and Friday of the first week will begin required dress code for regular classes and Level Placement for High School Dance Majors.

Dress Code

All dancers are required to dress out for every class in the appropriate attire. 

Ballet: Women (Black Leo’s, pink tights, buns, and ballet shoes), Men (Black tights, White T-shirts or Tanks, Ballet shoes, and Dance Belts.

Modern/Jazz: All Blacks (Leggings are fine (No prints), Jazz shoes for Jazz.

Hip Hop: Nothing oversized and too baggy for safety reasons, leggings are ok, but no hats, no crop tops, and tennis shoes for all classes.

Jewelry:  Ladies and Gentlemen can wear earrings in class, BUT cannot wear anything that comes below your earlobes (No hoops, chandelier earrings, or dangles). Studs are allowed, but all earrings can be asked to be taken off by the discretion of all teachers if they don’t fit into the parameters given. No watches, Fitbit, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Fingernails should be kept shorter.  Long, acrylic nails are not advised. This is to prevent potential injury. Basic hygiene is required of all students. This is important to maintain the health of the dance Department. 

 Hair: Must always be kept neat and out of your face for all classes, for both Women and Men. Performance hair will be assigned for each performance

Student and Parent Handbook 2020-2021

Dance Class Make Up Assignment

Important Dates:

Middle School- A Look Behind the Curtain  (in the Schomp)


High School- A Look Behind the Curtain  (in the Schomp)




Dance Pre-Audition Meeting


Dance Auditions


Creative Writing, Visual Arts, and Dance Collaboration Performance

9th & 10th Grade Dancers.


National High School Dance Festival

11th & 12th Grade Dancers


Gala Performance 


Middle School Spring Dance Performance (in the Schomp)


** High School Students Attend and Write a Review, due April 24th


High School Spring Dance Performance (in the Schomp)


** Middle School Students Attend and Write a Review, due May 1st

Senior Projects in the Dance Studio Theatre

11th & 12th Grade Dancers


** 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Grade Attend and Write a Review, due May 15th

ALL Rehearsals/Performances are MANDATORY. School-day attendance is required (please refer to student handbook regarding half-day attendance expectation. Students MUST make arrangements to be available for ALL Black Out DATES and TIMES.

Technical Rehearsals have a fluid schedule, students may be excused early. Students are out of academic classes only if/when they are needed. All dancers may or may not be needed every day or for the full rehearsal each day. Because rehearsals often involve multiple art departments and many technical needs, students will be notified of expectations on an as-needed basis. Please be prepared to be attend all rehearsals accordingly!

Professional Obligations in the Arts

Professional obligations in the arts must have prior approval from DSA Administration, and the major teacher.  Prior to being absent, you must obtain a pre-arranged absence contract from the Main Office and have your teachers fill out the form with all assignments and due dates noted. You must photocopy the completed form and give one copy to the Dean of Culture, Mr. Hughes for office records. Absences for professional obligations cannot exceed five (5) consecutive school days or ten (10) full school days per school year.  Absences that exceed these guidelines can be appealed to the Dean of Students.